Natural Gas Processing

Natural Gas Processing | Area of competences

Natural Gas Processing

Natural gas will continue to be one of the main energy sources of the world.

Processing natural gas is required to separate some components of the raw gas such as water, acid gases, mercury, and heavy hydrocarbons. With these processing operations, the gas will be transformed to commercial or pipeline gas specification.

Depending on the individual situation, GOC’s experts select the appropriate process covering the entire gas chain, from the production facility to the final industrial or domestic consumer.

GOC can cover the following areas:

  • Gas Gathering
  • Gas Processing
    • Dew point control
    • Gas Conditioning
    • Gas dehydration
    • Gas sweetening
    • NGL recovery
    • LPG recovery
    • Condensate stabilization
    • NGL Fractionation
  • Natural Gas Infrastructure Projects and Gas Master Plans