LNG Peak Shaving Plants

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LNG Peak Shaving Plants

In LNG Peak shaving plants, natural gas is liquefied and LNG is stored. If a gas demand is high (peak), LNG can be vaporized and sent to a gas grid. The size of an LNG peak shaving plant is much smaller than that of an LNG base load plant but it combines liquefaction and re-gasification technology.

As most peak shaving plants have aged, they need plant revamps and life extension programs, for instance to implement more stringent safety and environmental requirements. The competence of GOC covers all project phases: From the first safety assessments, feasibility studies and decommissioning of the plant to permitting, basic and detailed engineering, procurement services, supervision, and commissioning of the facilities.

Beside the large-base load LNG facilities, there is an increasing number of Small-scale LNG Plants worldwide. These include liquefaction, storage, transport, regasification, and distribution of LNG and Gas. The principal drivers for the size of a small-scale LNG Facility are: the volume of the dedicated local gas market, the trade pattern, and the size of the gas field. At the end of the chain, LNG Satellite plants close the gap from production to the gas consumers.

GOC offers solutions and assists its clients in project realization.