GOC Engineering

GOC Engineering

From Vision to Reality

The best solution for your project is always unique. As an independent engineering & consulting company for the gas industry, we are committed solely to your objectives.

GOC is committed to the highest standard of confidentiality and integrity. We work strictly independent of any licensor, contractor, or maker, and thus representexclusively the interests of our clients. Our engineering services include Consultancy, Technical and Commercial Studies, Authority Engineering, Basic Engineering, FEED, Detail Engineering, Procurement Assistance, Construction, and Commissioning Supervision and Project Management.

Experts at your disposal

We support you from the initial idea through the project planning phase to the project execution phase. We know from experience that the project planning phase is a dynamic process. Its main purpose is to clarify whether a business can be developed that satisfies your requirements for profitability, safety, and technical feasibility. Once the project is approved, it moves into the detail engineering phase. The result of this phase is a design package that consists of all drawings and specifications needed to construct the plant. GOC integrates detail engineering with procurement assistance to ensure that the fully defined packages will satisfy all the client’s requirements for a successful project.

Experience you can trust in

The key personnel of GOC represent more than 20 years of experience in gas handling and processing projects. Following modern engineering practice, and to extend the versatility of services, GOC cooperates with associated partners mostly on a senior level.

GOC ensures project execution with a team who understands the complexity of various gas handling and processing facilities. The GOC quality management and working procedures are in line with international requirements and form an integrated part throughout project execution.

By now, GOC can look back on more than 10 years of experience and some 85 successfully executed engineering and consulting projects all over the world.